Pak Army Jobs 2024 Apply Online Step-By-Step

Pak Army Jobs 2024: Are you passionate about joining the Pakistan Army but unsure of the application process?

Great news – help is here!

In this post, I will provide comprehensive details on Pakistan Army job opportunities in 2024 so you can fulfill your patriotic dreams with ease.

Whether you have always envisioned yourself in a Pakistan Army uniform or are just learning about these rewarding careers, this guide is for you.

We will jump straight into everything you need to know, from eligibility criteria and pay scales to step-by-step application instructions.

Latest Pak Army Jobs 2024

Post DateDecember 03, 2023
DepartmentPakistan Army
LocationAll over Pakistan
Salary62,500 to 70,000
Total position503+
Last DateMay 09, 2024
Working TimeDay
Office AddressNearest Army Selection and Recruitment Centre

About Pak Army

The Pakistan Army helps protect Pakistan and keep people safe. Soldiers in the Pakistan Army wear uniforms with badges that show their rank. Some of the things the Pakistan Army does are guard Pakistan’s borders, help during natural disasters like floods or earthquakes, and fight against terrorists. The Pakistan Army works on land using things like tanks and trucks. The Pakistan Army helps the government make sure people follow the country’s laws. Most people in Pakistan see the Pakistan Army as helpful and they respect the soldiers for working hard to defend the country.

Position Name

  • Soldier & Driver
  • Clerk
  • Cook
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Sanitary Workers

Educational Requirements

RoleMinimum QualificationEligibility
Soldier & DriverMatricCandidates who have completed Matric.
Clerk12th passIndividuals with Intermediate education and computer diplomas.
CookMiddleYou can pass the minimum middle-class
Nursing AssistantFSc Pre-MedicalThose with a background in FSc Pre-Medical are required to apply.
Sanitary WorkersPrimary passIndividuals who have passed their primary education can apply for this role.

Height Requirement

RoleMinimum Height Requirement
Soldier5 feet 6 inches (167.5 cm)
Clerk5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Cook5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Military Police5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Sanitary Worker5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)

How To Join Pak Army Jobs 2024

Step 1) Open your google chorme browser and type “Join Pak Army” then go to – this is the official website of the Pakistan Army.

Join pak army jobs 2024 step 1
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Step 2) On the homepage, you will see a prominent “Apply Now” button, click on it. This will take you to the online application form.

Join pak army jobs 2024 step 2
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Step 3) The application form requires you to fill in all your personal details like name, email, address, educational qualifications etc. Fill up the form completely and accurately.

Join pak army jobs 2024 step 4
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Step 4) You also need to choose what type of commission you want to apply for – Soldier, Captain, Major, etc. Select your preferred option.

Step 5) The next section is to choose your interests like the corps you want to join e.g. infantry, artillery, armored, etc. Pick the ones that align with your interests.

Step 6) Next is uploading your documents – scanned copies of things like your CNIC, passport photos, education certificates, etc. Have them ready in digital format.

Step 7) Review the entire application carefully before submitting it finally. Once submitted, print out a copy for your records.

Step 8) Wait for communication from the army regarding testing and interview dates. Prepare well for the exhaustive tests you will need to clear.

Step 9) If selected, you will be asked to join the relevant academy for training before being commissioned into active service.

Note: Alternately, you can also walk into the nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Center (AS&RC) and apply directly there. The rest of the screening and induction process remains largely the same.

How to Prepare Test & Interview

These are some tips to help prepare for the test and interview process to join the Pakistan Army jobs in 2024:

  • Stay Updated on Eligibility Criteria
  • Keep checking the official Pakistan Army website for the latest eligibility criteria including minimum height, weight, vision standards, etc. Work towards meeting those standards.
  • Practice for the Written Tests
  • There will be multiple written tests assessing your intelligence, knowledge, and analytical abilities. Practice sample IQ, general knowledge, and aptitude tests.
  • Read Up on Current Affairs and Pakistan Army History
  • Updated awareness of current affairs within Pakistan and globally is required. Study Pakistan’s history especially military history covering wars and operations.
  • Work on Your Fitness Levels
  • Focus on cardiovascular training, weight training, and running/swimming to improve stamina, endurance, and strength. These will be tested during physical exams.
  • Prepare for Interviews
  • Common interview questions test leadership skills, strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, etc. Develop clear, concise responses and adopt confident body language.
  • Appear for Mock Camp Tests
  • Many coaching centers conduct mock tests spanning intelligence, academics, drills, physicals, interviews, etc. Enroll in one to assess preparedness.
  • Develop Clear Career Goals
  • Have well-defined career aspirations that align with the Pakistan Army’s requirements. Be prepared to motivate why you wish to join the forces.

By starting preparation early and self-assessing continuously, your chances of selection are highest in the highly competitive Pakistan Army recruitment process.

Selection Process

Online RegistrationBased on the corps recruits have applied to, they have to mandatorily undergo a tough series of physical strength and stamina testing exercises like push ups, chin-ups, sit ups, endurance running and flexibility training. Standards vary across chosen fields.
Initial Written TestThis initial test will comprise of intelligence and aptitude-based multiple choice questions testing candidates across areas like IQ, English language, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Physics. Adequate preparation across these topics is essential to qualify for the next stage.
ISSB TestThe 5 day ISSB test is an exhaustive assessment of candidates’ leadership capabilities and officer-like qualities. It comprises of intelligence tests, group discussions, interviews, command tasks, and more. Performance in ISSB is crucial for further screening.
Medical ExaminationCandidates who qualify for ISSB undergo a stringent medical examination including measurement of height, and weight along with evaluating overall physical fitness and endurance levels. Different corps have different fitness requirements. Disqualifying medical conditions can terminate the selection process.
Physical TestsFinally, selected candidates first undergo 6 months of rigorous pre-commissioning training held at PMA Kakul. On successful completion, recruits are commissioned as officers into their respective corps for tenures ranging from 2 years to 8 years based on entry-level.
Training PeriodFinally, selected candidates first undergo 6 months of rigorous pre-commissioning training held at PMA Kakul. On successful completion, recruits are commissioned as officers into their respective corps for tenures ranging from 2 years to 8 years based on entry level.

Benefits of Joining Pak Army

Here are some of the major benefits of joining the Pakistan Army:

  • Job Security and Stability: The army provides excellent job security and stability. It is a lucrative career option with appointments up till retirement age.
  • Tax-Free Salary: Army officers are entitled to a tax-free salary, computed after allowances as per the latest government pay scales. This leads to a substantial increment in take-home incomes.
  • Accommodation and Health Facilities: Army personnel and families get access to high-quality accommodation, health and mess facilities in cantonments, and subsidized rations.
  • Education and Training: Joining the army gives access to FREE top-class professional training not just on the job but also opportunities for advanced courses locally and globally.
  • Adventure Sports: From horse-riding, sailing, trekking, and parachute jumping – officers get to indulge regularly in various adventure sporting activities as part of a daring lifestyle.
  • Leave and Pension Benefits: Generous fully paid leaves plus pensions after retirement are added benefits over and above one’s salary. Officers can earn pensions after only 20 years of qualifying service.
  • Allowances: Officers get special allowances for things like uniform maintenance, rent, and field compensation – that hike up the final pay package amount.
  • Growth and Promotion Scope: Meritocracy-backed fair and standardized evaluation leads to regular promotions opening accelerated career growth channels within the armed forces.

Joining the Pakistan Army offers a special status and unparalleled benefits for individuals committed to protecting national interests above self.

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Picture credit: Pak Army

FAQs(Frequently Asked Question)

What are the eligibility criteria to join the Pakistan army?

The primary eligibility criteria are: Pakistani citizenship, age between 17-23 years, minimum height 5ft 4in (163cm), graduate from HSSC/FA/FSc or equivalent, and clearance of physical and medical standards.

What is the selection process like?

The selection process includes initial tests, extensive ISSB tests over 5 days evaluating intelligence and leadership skills, robust medical examinations, corps-specific physical standards tests followed by stringent training at PMA Kakul before final induction.

How can women join the Pakistan army?

Women can join the army through the AFNS (Armed Forces Nursing Services) as Captains / Major nursing officers. Other roles include doctors, engineers, signals and IT specialists that women can apply for after related bachelor’s degrees.

What is the minimum service duration if selected?

For various direct commissioned roles, the minimum mandatory service durations vary from 7 to 20 years for Permanent Commissions and 2 to 5 years under Short Service Commissions.

What salary can army officers expect?

As per latest pay scales, army officers can expect basic minimum monthly salary packages starting from Rs. 133,739 along with multiple allowances and a tax-free non-salary income estimated upto Rs. 212,175 per month currently.

What promotion opportunities exist in the army?

Promotions are granted on time-bound basis strictly on merit demonstrated through standardized annual evaluation reports and examinations up till Brigadier (and equivalent) level, followed by a major general / lieutenant general promotion before retirement.

Which academy conducts Pakistan army training?

Pre-commissioning training is imparted at Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul for 6 months for recruits before active commission. Further advanced courses continue through entire careers.

What recreational facilities are extended to army officers?

Recreational facilities at army establishments include subsidized retail shopping outlets, cinemas, amusement parks, sports clubs along with adventurous outbound activities like horse riding, sailing boating, angling, trekking and annual holiday tours.

How helpful is an army career for life after retirement?

Army officers acquire a very rewarding, challenging and nourishing career having gained expertise across leadership, administrative, technological and strategic domains – skills invaluable for pursuing second careers and key positions after early retirement.

Why should anyone opt for an army career?

It is an excellent career option for individuals seeking job excellence and added incentives of adventure, camaraderie, and premium lifestyle that no other career affords – alongside the ultimate satisfaction received from actively serving one’s country.

Final Words

Joining the Pakistani fauj or Army is a very good job. Soldiers keep our country safe. They protect us from enemies. They help people during floods and earthquakes. Everyone respects soldiers.

If you join the Army, you will get good salary. You do not have to pay tax on it. You will get a house, school, hospital for your family. You can play sports like horse riding, sailing, hiking as a soldier.

Becoming an Army officer has good future. You will move up ranks and become senior officer. After retirement also you get pension money every month.

The Army will train you well. They will make your body strong. You will learn to be brave. You will learn how to lead people. This will help you in life ahead.

Joining the Pakistani fauj gives a life of honor and pride. You will keep our green flag high in your uniform. It is the best way to serve Pakistan.

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