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LMS Docebo Course Creation Online Jobs 2024


Do you like making fun videos to help people learn?

We need someone who can make great videos teaching others how to use Docebo. Docebo is a website where you can create online courses. We want videos showing all the different ways to make courses on Docebo.

If you already know how to use Docebo or other learning websites, this could be the perfect job for you! You’ll get to share your knowledge and help people understand Docebo better. This is a temporary job you can do from home.

If you have experience making instructional videos and want to take on this project, let us know. We’re excited to work with someone who loves teaching and making online courses!

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  • LMS Docebo Course Creation

How To Apply for LMS Docebo Course Creation Online Jobs 2024

Follow these steps and you can easily apply for these online jobs without paying any rupees.

  • Highlight Your Relevant Experience: In your proposal, emphasize any prior experience you have with creating instructional videos, especially if you’ve worked with Docebo or similar learning management systems before. Provide examples of courses or videos you’ve created in the past.
  • Demonstrate Your Communication Skills: Since the job involves simply explaining complex topics, showcase your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. You could include a sample video or written explanation of a technical concept.
  • Showcase Your Technical Skills: Familiarize yourself with Docebo’s platform and features. Highlight any relevant technical skills you possess, such as video editing, screen recording, or course authoring tools.
  • Provide a Portfolio or Samples: Include a portfolio or samples of your previous work, such as instructional videos, course materials, or any other relevant projects. This will help demonstrate your skills and style.
  • Explain Your Approach: Outline your approach to creating engaging and informative videos. Discuss your process for breaking down complex topics, structuring the content, and ensuring a smooth learning experience.
  • Emphasize Your Passion for Education: Express your enthusiasm for education and your commitment to helping others learn. Share any experiences or insights that demonstrate your passion for teaching and course creation.
  • Highlight Your Availability: Clearly state your availability for the project, considering the mentioned duration of less than one month and the requirement of working less than 30 hours per week.
  • Tailor Your Proposal: Customize your proposal to address the specific requirements mentioned in the job posting. Demonstrate that you have read and understood the job description thoroughly.

Remember, a well-crafted proposal that showcases your relevant skills, experience, and passion for the project will increase your chances of being considered for the role.


100,000 To 500,000

Benefits of Online Course Jobs

Working on online course creation jobs can offer several benefits, including:

  • Flexibility and Remote Work: Online course jobs typically allow you to work remotely from anywhere, providing flexibility in your work schedule and location. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer a better work-life balance or have other commitments.
  • Opportunity for Passive Income: Once an online course is created and launched, it can generate passive income for an extended period. As long as the course remains relevant and valuable, it can continue to attract new students and generate revenue.
  • Scalability: Online courses have the potential to reach a global audience, allowing you to scale your earnings by enrolling more students without being limited by physical constraints.
  • Continuous Learning: Creating online courses often requires in-depth research and mastery of the subject matter. This process can enhance your knowledge and expertise in the respective field, contributing to your professional growth.
  • Diverse Project Opportunities: Online course creation jobs can span various industries and topics, allowing you to explore different subjects and expand your skill set. This diversity can prevent monotony and keep your work interesting.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: If you create and market your own online courses, you can potentially build your own online business and establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Fulfillment and Impact: Contributing to individuals’ education and skill development can be personally fulfilling. Online courses have the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives by providing accessible and affordable learning opportunities.
  • Career Advancement: Developing and delivering online courses can demonstrate your subject matter expertise, communication skills, and ability to create engaging educational content, which can be valuable assets for career advancement or freelance opportunities.

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