Advocate General Punjab Office Jobs 2024

Advocate General Punjab Office Jobs: The Advocate General’s Office in Punjab is looking to hire people for some special jobs. These jobs are called Class IV Jobs. Class IV Jobs are jobs where people do not need to have a lot of education, but they need to be good at working hard and following instructions.

The Advocate General’s Office is an important place where lawyers work to help the government and the courts. They make sure that the laws are followed properly and that everyone gets treated fairly.

If you live in Punjab and are interested in getting one of these jobs, you can apply for them. The advertisement for these jobs was published in the Daily Jang newspaper, which is a famous newspaper that many people read.

To apply for these jobs, you will need to fill out an application form and provide some documents that show who you are and where you live. If you get selected for the job, you will get to work at the Advocate General’s Office and help the lawyers and other people who work there.

These jobs are a good opportunity for people who want to work hard and earn money to support themselves and their families. If you think you can do a good job and follow instructions carefully, you should consider applying for these jobs.

Latest Advocate General Punjab Jobs

Post DateMarch 08, 2024
DepartmentAdvocate General Punjab Office
LocationLahore, Punjab
Salary100,000 to 250,000
Total position68+
Last Date16th March 2024
Working TimeDay
Office AddressAdditional Advocate General (Admn.) Punjab, Lahore

About AGP

The Advocate General Punjab (AGP) is the highest law officer of the government of Punjab province in Pakistan. The AGP Office is responsible for providing legal advice and representing the provincial government in court cases. It plays an important role in ensuring that the government follows the laws and that justice is served.

Position Name

  • Assistant
  • Assistant Library
  • Chowkidar
  • Clerk
  • Dak Runner
  • Dispatch Rider
  • Naib Qasid
  • Stenographer
  • Sweeper

Educational Requirements

Assistant LibraryBA, BSc, B.Com, Graduation
Dispatch RiderIntermediate, Middle
Dak RunnerIntermediate, Middle
StenographerBA, BSc, B.Com, Graduation
AssistantBA, BSc, B.Com, Graduation
ClerkBA, BSc, B.Com, Graduation
Naib QasidMiddle

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Terms & Conditions

  • Candidates must be residents of Punjab province.
  • Age limits and other eligibility criteria may apply as per government rules.
  • Applications must be submitted on the prescribed form along with the required documents.
  • Candidates will be selected based on merit and through a transparent process.
  • Selected candidates will be posted anywhere in Punjab as per the department’s requirements.
  • The job is regular government employment with benefits as per the rules.
  • Candidates must be physically and mentally fit for the job roles.
  • Preference may be given to candidates with relevant experience.
  • The department reserves the right to increase/decrease the number of vacancies.
  • The decision of the department regarding selection will be final.

How To Apply for AGPO Jobs 2024

Step 1: Get the application form
First, you need to get the application form for the jobs at the Advocate General Punjab Office. You can get this form from the office or from their website.

Step 2: Fill out the form
Next, you need to fill out the application form. This form will ask you for information like your name, age, address, and the job you want to apply for. Make sure to write everything correctly and neatly.

Step 3: Attach documents
After filling out the form, you need to attach some documents with it. These documents include things like your birth certificate, school certificates, and any other papers that show your qualifications.

Step 4: Send the application
Once you have filled out the form and attached all the necessary documents, you need to send your application to the Additional Advocate General (Admn.), Punjab, Lahore. This is the person in charge of the hiring process.

Step 5: Wait for the deadline
You need to make sure that your application reaches the Additional Advocate General’s office before March 16th, 2024. This is the last date for sending in your application.

Step 6: Wait for the results
After the deadline, the people at the Advocate General’s office will look at all the applications they received. They will choose the best candidates for the jobs based on their qualifications and experience.

Step 7: If you get selected
If you are one of the people who get selected for the job, the Advocate General’s office will contact you. They will tell you about the next steps, like when you need to start working and what your job responsibilities will be.

Remember, these jobs are on a contract basis, which means you will be working for a fixed period of time, and not as a permanent employee.

How to Prepare Test & Interview

Test Preparation:

  • Get the test syllabus or outline from the office
  • Gather old-school books and notes related to the topics
  • Make a study plan and schedule
  • Practice solving sample questions and mock tests
  • On the test day, carry all required documents and reach the venue on time

Interview Preparation:

  • Research about the Advocate General’s Office, its roles, and responsibilities
  • Practice introducing yourself, talking about strengths, weaknesses, and career goals
  • Prepare answers to common interview questions like:
    • “Why should we hire you?”
    • “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
  • Dress neatly and professionally for the interview
  • During the interview:
    • Stay calm
    • Make eye contact
    • Speak clearly
  • At the end:
    • Thank the interviewers
    • Ask any questions you may have

Benefits of Advocate General Punjab Jobs

  • Stable Job: These are government jobs, which means you will have a secure and stable job.
  • Good Salary: You will get a good salary according to the government pay scales.
  • Allowances: In addition to your salary, you may also get allowances for things like house rent, medical expenses, and travel.
  • Pension: After you retire, you will get a pension, which is a regular payment from the government for the rest of your life.
  • Leaves: You will get paid leaves every year, which means you can take time off from work and still get paid.
  • Healthcare: The government may provide you with free or subsidized healthcare facilities.
  • Career Growth: If you work hard, you may get opportunities for promotions and career growth within the department.
  • Respect: Working for the government is considered a respectable job in society.
  • Job Security: It is very difficult to lose a government job unless you do something seriously wrong.
  • Other Benefits: You may also get benefits like provident fund, gratuity, and insurance.

Overall, a job at the Advocate General Punjab Office can provide you with financial security, stability, and various benefits that can make your life easier.

Advocate General Punjab Jobs Ad Paper

Picture Credit: Advocate General

FAQs(Frequently Asked Question)

What are the job roles available?

The job roles available are Assistant Library, Dispatch Rider, Dak Runner, Sweeper, Stenographer, Assistant, Clerk, Naib Qasid, and Chowkidar.

What are the educational qualifications required?

Candidates with BA, BSc, B.Com, Graduation, Intermediate, and Middle qualifications can apply for these posts.

Where will the selected candidates be posted?

The selected candidates will be posted anywhere in Punjab province.

How can I apply for these jobs?

You need to forward your application to the Additional Advocate General (Admn.), Punjab, Lahore.

What is the last date to apply?

The last date to apply is March 16th, 2024.

Is this a permanent or contract-based job?

The recruitment will be made purely on a contract basis.

What are the benefits of these jobs?

Benefits include a good salary, allowances, pension, leaves, healthcare, career growth, job security, and respect.

Will there be a test or interview?

Yes, there will likely be a test and interview process for the selection.

How can I prepare for the test and interview?

You can prepare by studying the syllabus, practicing sample questions, researching the organization, and practicing interview skills.

Is age a factor in these jobs?

Yes, age limits and other eligibility criteria may apply as per government rules.

Final Words

If you live in Punjab and are looking for a job, the Advocate General’s Office is hiring people for different roles. These jobs are great because they offer good pay, benefits, and job security.

To apply, make sure you have the right education and qualifications. Fill out the application form carefully and attach all the required documents. Send your application to the right person before the deadline.

Getting one of these jobs is not easy. You will have to take a test and go for an interview. Prepare well by studying hard and practicing your interview skills.

If you get selected, congratulations! You will have a stable job where you can learn and grow. Remember to work hard, follow instructions, and be respectful to everyone.

These jobs are a wonderful opportunity for those who want to support their families and build a good career. If you think you can do a good job, don’t miss this chance! Wishing you all the best!

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